Bartlett Schenk & Company is a specialist advisory practice that helps companies to drive responsible, predictable growth. Our proprietary methodologies compress the timeframe to align, educate and onboard the workforce in selling and enablement best practices.

Companies choose us to bring clarity to complex enablement challenges, define common frameworks upon which enablement and execution teams operate, conduct project-based research, and help build bespoke learning solutions that utilise our enterprise sales academy, data-backed insights and industry experience.

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About | Bartlett Schenk @Company Ltd.

Lee Bartlett

Lee Bartlett spent fifteen years in enterprise leadership and sales execution roles. He has built multi-national sales teams, been co-founder and CEO of a fintech start-up and is the author of "The No.1 Best Seller - a unique insight into the mindset, strategy and processes and of a top salesperson."

He has a wealth of experience selling to large enterprise, working on enablement transformation projects, optimising sales-process design and execution, and building e-learning material that sticks. Prior to co-founding Bartlett Schenk & Co., Lee spent 18 months building the enterprise sales platform and academy, honing the methodology and frameworks for agility, scale and efficacy.

About | Bartlett Schenk @Company Ltd.

Tamara Schenk

Tamara Schenk is a globally acknowledged sales enablement leader, analyst, advisor, award-winning blogger, and keynote speaker. Her experience spans twenty-five years in corporate leadership and includes designing the global sales enablement initiative for T-Systems where she led the global enablement and transformation team.

Prior to co-founding Bartlett Schenk & Co., Tamara was research director at CSO Insights. During this time, she led various global sales enablement studies and co-authored the book "Sales Enablement – A Master Framework to Engage, Equip, and Empower a World-Class Sales Force." Tamara also serves as a strategic advisor for Showpad.

How we engage

Every project we undertake is about performing with integrity, delivering exceptional service, and building innovative solutions to specific challenges of scale. Our suite of services describes a holistic approach to enablement; however, our clients engage us in different ways to drive defined outcomes and return on investment. To discuss how we can help you with a specific challenge, contact us.

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