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The issue with value - when less is more | Bartlett Schenk & Co.

The Issue With Value – When Less Is More!

Customer value, when less is more. If an immediate challenge should be solved, adding value doesn't lead to a better customer experience.

Diagnosing the buyers' problem | Bartlett Schenk & Co.

Why Diagnosing The Buyers’ Problems Is Key To Success

Diagnosing the buyers'problems: learn how to empower salespeople to become problem solvers first, to be relevant AND valuable at the same time.

Business Value | Bartlett Schenk & Company Ltd.

The Difference Between Cost Savings And Business Value

Cost savings are a prerequisite for business value; but both terms are not the same. Learn how to translate cost savings into a business case equivalent.

Effectiveness Comes First | Bartlett Schenk & Co.

Effectiveness Comes First

Efficiency without effectiveness does not know what’s right or wrong. How to define effectiveness goals first, and then adjust eficiency goals accordingly.

Simplicity | Bartlett Schenk & Co.

Why Simplicity Matters in Enablement

Why simplicity matters in enablement. Simplicity is based on clarity, based on a complete understanding of the issue to be simplified.

Sales Coaching | Bartlett Schenk & Company Ltd.

How to Design a Sales Coaching Framework

How to design a sales coaching framework that covers all areas of sales coaching: opportunities, skills, behaviours, funnel, account and territory.

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