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The issue with value - when less is more | Bartlett Schenk & Co.

The Issue With Value – When Less Is More!

Customer value, when less is more. If an immediate challenge should be solved, adding value doesn't lead to a better customer experience.

Four Sales Enablement Imperatives | Bartlett Schenk

Four Sales Enablement Imperatives For Executives To Empower Their Teams

Big Ideas 2021: Four Sales Enablement Imperatives For Executives To Empower Their Teams

Enablement leader or program manager | Bartlett Schenk & Company Ltd.

Do You Need An Enablement Leader Or A Program Manager?

Enablement leader or program manager: Six guiding principles for executives to hire their perfect enablement head.

Diagnosing the buyers' problem | Bartlett Schenk & Co.

Why Diagnosing The Buyers’ Problems Is Key To Success

Diagnosing the buyers'problems: learn how to empower salespeople to become problem solvers first, to be relevant AND valuable at the same time.

Effectiveness Comes First | Bartlett Schenk & Co.

Effectiveness Comes First

Efficiency without effectiveness does not know what’s right or wrong. How to define effectiveness goals first, and then adjust eficiency goals accordingly.

Sales Enablement Talent | Bartlett Schenk & Company Limited

The Five Sales Enablement Talents You Need As An Enablement Leader

Sales enablement talent: learn what the five sales enablement talents are, every enablement leader should have to be successful.

Digital Transformation | Bartlett Schenk & Co.
Digital Transformation

Is Sales Enablement Part of Your Digital Transformation Initiative? When —If Not NOW?

If sales enablement is not yet part of your digital transformation strategy, then it's crucial to fix this. Check out four practices on how to get it right.

Simplicity | Bartlett Schenk & Co.

Why Simplicity Matters in Enablement

Why simplicity matters in enablement. Simplicity is based on clarity, based on a complete understanding of the issue to be simplified.

Effective Enablement Strategies | Bartlett Schenk & Company Ltd.

Why Effective Enablement Strategies Follow A Two-Step-Approach

The two steps: Successful sales force enablement leaders align their enablement services first to the customer’s path and then to the sales force’s specific challenges

Sales coaching | Energy Field Mastery

Sales Coaching: How To Get It Right

Sales coaching, done right, has the potential to significantly improve sales results.

Sales Coaching | Bartlett Schenk & Company Ltd.

How to Design a Sales Coaching Framework

How to design a sales coaching framework that covers all areas of sales coaching: opportunities, skills, behaviours, funnel, account and territory.

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