Four Sales Enablement Imperatives For Executives To Empower Their Teams

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Four sales enablement imperatives for executives to empower their enablement teams – this video is for you as an executive and stakeholder of enablement, and enablement leadership.

I’m going to discuss four sales enablement imperatives that are integral to moving the needle with enablement in 2021. The faster digital transformation unfolds, the greater the need for clarity in your enablement strategy, approach, and technology.

Overview of the four sales enablement imperatives 

Imperative #1: Why enablement exists and what business problems it can solve?

This is so often overlooked and underestimated. However, if you are not crystal clear on why enablement exists, what business problems it can solve, and what the term really means, you will soon be lost in “actionitis” and fail to drive results.

Learn more in my video.

Imperative #2: Setting-up enablement the right way

Firstly, it’s about setting up enablement in a formal, strategic, and charter-based way. Secondly, it’s about the importance of aligning the enablement strategy to stakeholders expectations. Thirdly, it’s about effective orchestration of all enablement efforts along the buyer/seller journey map.

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Imperative #3: Enablement is a “must-have” ingredient for any digital transformation initiative

Here, I discuss why integrating all processes along the buyer-seller journey is a foundational prerequisite, and why your enablement engine has to be tailored to your digital transformation strategy. Additionally, I discuss why aligning all enablement efforts along the integrated, digitized buyer/seller journey map is a critical success factor.

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Imperative #4: Scaling enablement excellence

This is an area that many enablement teams don’t have on their radar screen. But when they are asked to scale their efforts, for example, because a company was acquired, they often run into trouble. Enablement capabilities are equally important as enablement services. Enablement capabilities are, for instance, content or training management processes, lifecycle models, and collaboration models.

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Enjoy my video and drop me a line with any questions! We are here to help! 

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